Privacy Statement

By clicking accept, I certify that the information provided in my statement of interest is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.  I realize that any misrepresentation in the information provided or any intentional withholding of essential information in this submission may result in dismissal. 

I authorize the University of Denver to check all references from current and previous employers, friends and others that may be relevant to my employment background and/or my ability to perform the job for which I will apply.  I authorize the University and/or its agents to verify any of the information I will furnish including, but not limited to, criminal history and driving record.  I authorize all persons, schools, companies, and law enforcement authorities to release any information concerning my background that may be relevant to evaluation of this statement of interest and I hereby release any such persons, schools, companies and law enforcement authorities from any liability for damages whatsoever for issuing this information to the University of Denver or its agents.