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Important Notice to Applicants

 Accommodation Available for Applicants I understand that if I require an accommodation for a disability so that I may participate in the selection process I am encouraged to contact the Director of Diversity and Compliance in the Office of Human Resources designee at 404-894-9410.

 Security of Personal Data Georgia Institute of Technology uses the personal information you provide in order to process your applications to verify that you meet the minimum qualifications for employment. Georgia Institute of Technology does not use your personal information for marketing or promotional purposes.

 Application Fraud & Misrepresentation I certify that all statements (verbal and written) made on any and all material collected during the hiring process are true, complete and accurate and I understand that misrepresentation or omission of facts called for in the employment application, resume, interview process or other application material may prohibit consideration for employment at Georgia Tech and is cause for immediate disqualification of my application,  rescinding of an employment offer, or termination if employed.

 Reference and Background Checking Applying for a specific job authorizes Georgia Tech to contact any of your schools, your current* and former employers, or other references for the purpose of verifying information and/or obtaining an account of your education, work experience and skills. By applying for a job you agree to hold any and all of your reference sources harmless and free of any liability for releasing such information. Please note that for some positions a more extensive background check is part of the employment decision making process and you will need to sign any necessary disclosure and release forms including, but not limited to, a "Disclosure and Release of Information Authorization" form as part of the hiring process. (* Please note that the point at which your prospective hiring supervisor will contact your employer may vary; however, this is most commonly done on a pre-employment basis usually after the initial interview. This practice is rarely performed on a pre-interview basis. If you have concerns about having your current employer contacted, please communicate those concerns to the person who conducts your initial interview to determine what, if any, alternatives exist.)

 Employment Eligibility Verification All offers of employment by Georgia Tech are contingent on the provision of satisfactory proof of your identity and legal authority to work in the United States. Prior to or on your first day of employment, you must comply with the requirements of the Immigration and Naturalization Service's Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9 Form).

 This Employer Participates in E-Verify.

Este Empleador Participa en E-Verify.

 Post Offer, Pre-Employment Medical Examination/Immunization(s) For some positions, after an offer of employment is made, a pre-employment medical examination or immunization(s) may be required by the hiring department as a condition of employment only if it is relevant to the job. These examinations are arranged by and at the expense of the hiring department and may be performed by a university physician. If a pre-employment medical examination or immunization(s) is required, it will be stated in the recruitment advertising. By applying for a specific job, you acknowledge your understanding and agreement that failure to successfully complete a required post-offer, pre-employment medical examination or immunization(s) will result in Georgia Tech rescinding the employment offer or terminating your employment.

 Offers of Employment Please be advised that Georgia Tech will not be bound by offers or conditions of employment other than those made in official offer letters.